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Last updated July 9, 2020

Etchy Things


1111 South Nanaimo
Nanaimo, BC
V9G 1C9

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Active on Facebook and Instagram until website is fully up and available in July

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Etchy Things started with a yoga intention in mind. I am a certified yoga instructor and have been practicing yoga for over 15 years.

In 2010, I almost opened a yoga studio but things fell through. At the time, I had the name "MYOGA STUDIO", my website and a logo already completed. A professional photo shoot was done with a beautiful yoga themed website ready to go. All of that was dropped by the end of the year and I got through this challenge in my life through crafting..

My first Etsy shop: Myoga Craft Cave, was a greeting card and paper craft business. it was then I found my overall theme behind everything I do (my past, present and future) revolve around creativity, wisdom, love and positivity; hence, my work reflects these subjects.

A studious yoga dork at heart, I reflect on Einstein’s quotes, interpret and theorize about humanity through Eastern and Western philosophies and laugh out loud when nothing seems to make sense.

Fast forward to today,, I primarily work with small business owners in making custom logo stamps, tags, stickers/decals and other supply items to help them grow their passion.

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